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  • Bon Vie Weight Loss & Nutritional Wellness—The Last Diet You'll Ever Need

    freedomOur medically designed weight loss program is a short coarse diet, moving you quickly and safely through 3 active phases into the 4th maintenance phase. We help your body get into fat burning for energy and out of glucose and muscle burning within just a few days of the diet.

    Utilizing the 25 year proven Ideal Protein weight loss protocol we help stabilize your pancreas and blood sugar levels while targeting fat, maintaining muscle, lowering high blood pressure, high insulin and high cholesterol. Our FDA approved partial meal replacement foods are only available through Ideal Protein certified clinics and are not sold in stores, over the internet or through multi-level marketing.

    Lasting weight loss happens with a scientific program and great support. Our certified coaches give you expert guidance and encouragement along with weekly monitoring of BMI, body measurements, muscle and hydration percentages. Rapid and consistent fat loss happens with an easy-to-maintain weight loss regime which most dieters find easy to follow.

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