About BonVie


About BonVie

At the heart of BonVie is dedication and expertise in providing the best weight loss program for women and men in Portland Oregon, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills Ca. A great method, delicious foods and one-on-one coaching serve to educate and motivate you, while closely monitoring your progress and wellness.

BonVie was founded by Sharon’s own experience with the Ideal Protein methodology. As a physical therapist by profession, the science and physiology underlying this proven method got Sharon's attention. After study and certification in the Ideal Protein method, she decided to share the benefits and opened 'BonVie Weight Loss and Nutritional Wellness' in 2010.

An Ideal Protein Certified coach will guide you through safe, rapid fat loss with support and resources on a weekly basis, helping you to stay motivated, encouraged and successful. Yes, you will achieve your weight-loss goals but even more importantly, you will learn valuable nutrition information and eating habits, giving you the tools to lose that fat forever! We help you end the vicious cycle of "Yo-Yo dieting".
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Our Team

sharon lacroix coach

Sharon LaCroix
Owner, Weight Loss Coach


Sharon LaCroix has been dedicated to wellness since her early Physical Therapy practice days and has been a certified Ideal Protein coach since 2010 when she founded the BonVie Weight Loss clinic. As an innovative entrepreneur Sharon previously developed a successful three-clinic physical therapy practice and fitness spa located on Maui. As First Lady of Oregon for eight years, Sharon applied her substantial enterprise experience to incorporate solid business principles within charitable organizations.

Since 1995 she has founded several non-profits; acted as advocate and spokesperson for numerous causes and projects, developed coalitions, and produced major events. Under Kitzhaber Collaborations she provides business development and organizational strategy for select clients. She remains an active board member with a host of organizations in the Northwest and Washington, DC.

Sharon is an avid gardener, private pilot, snow boarder, runner, rock-band drummer, world traveler, and delighted mother of her son Logan.

An ever growing interest in health and wellness, combined with a foodie’s love for a great meal, led Elaine naturally into the world of nutrition. As a Certified Nutritional Coach she spent her initial years of practice focused on digestive health, improving mental clarity, and helping people learn to respond to food allergies and sensitivities. 

It became increasingly clear to Elaine that the physical and emotional toll on clients struggling with over-weight and obesity were serious issues. She has since developed a fascination with and study of the science behind effective weight loss and is thrilled to be working with BonVie Weight Loss & Nutritional Wellness as a Certified Ideal Protein Coach. 

Helping individuals improve their health, body image and confidence through a consistently effective weight loss program with support, resources and guidance is one of Elaine’s greatest passions. Elaine has a background in massage therapy as well as social work. Previously from Santa Barbara, CA she, her husband and two boys have fallen thoroughly in love with the Pacific Northwest and enjoy the natural beauty, the friendliness of the people and the thriving food culture, along with exploring the city, forests, riverside stops and hiking trails.
Weightloss Coach, Elaine Watson

Elaine Watson
Weight Loss Coach

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