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BonVie Weight Loss & Nutritional Wellness

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BonVie Weight Loss & Nutritional Wellness—The Last Diet You'll Ever Need

Our medically designed weight loss program is a short course diet, moving you quickly and safely through 3 active phases into the 4th maintenance phase. We help your body get into fat burning for energy and out of glucose and muscle burning within just a few days of the diet.

Utilizing the 30 year proven Ideal Protein weight loss protocol we help stabilize your pancreas and blood sugar levels while targeting fat, maintaining muscle, lowering high blood pressure, high insulin and high cholesterol. Our FDA approved partial meal replacement foods are only available through Ideal Protein certified clinics and are not sold in stores, over the internet or through multi-level marketing.

Lasting weight loss happens with a scientific program and great support. Our Certified coaches give you expert guidance and encouragement along with weekly monitoring of body measurements, fat, muscle and hydration percentages. Rapid and consistent fat loss happens with an easy-to-maintain weight loss regime which most dieters can readily follow.
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BonVie Weight Loss - Ideal Protein

By Sharon LaCroix 25 Aug, 2016

Want to Know Why We Limit Exercise during Weight Loss?

Exercise is great but regardless of what you may have heard on Oprah, it is not the silver bullet for achieving weight loss. You simply cannot exercise your way out of fat. 

Without paying close attention to the fuel demands required for that additional activity, and the effect of muscle burn, you will end up regaining any perceived loss on the scale. Exercise is fantastic for maintaining your desired weight and building muscle tone and with cardio... the health benefits including to the brain are monumental. But while you are in a weight loss mode (specifically fat loss), the myth out there: “eat less, exercise more” could not be more counterproductive.

You see, the more you exercise, the more fuel you require to maintain metabolism, to have energy and to feel satisfied… this means taking on calories . The rub is that with those added calories your body does not need to get into fat stores for energy.

By Sharon LaCroix 14 Aug, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, healthy fat in our diets is not what has created the obesity crisis. Some 40 years ago when “the war on fat” began, we were told to banish fat from our diets mostly in the form of meat, fish and poultry. Like most things in life, when we reduce one thing, we usually replace it with another. In this case, removing fats included in meat meant  replacing them with carbohydrates . And so the manufacturing and marketing glut began: “Healthy Carbs”; “Fat Free Carbs” and more obscenely “Sugar Free Carbs”, “Gluten Free Carbs”. And since then, reducing consumption of animal protein to reduce fat in our diets has not reduced cardiovascular disease. Heart disease has in fact tripled!

It is the overconsumption of carbohydrates leading to excessive glucose, insulin resistance and fat being stored around our organs (visceral fat aka “belly fat”) that has led to the obesity epidemic and critical rates of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Now of coarse when I speak of the goodness of fats in your diet, I am not speaking of ALL fats! Some fats (like those in cookies and chips, and basically anything fried) raise your bad cholesterol levels and drop your good ones, increasing your risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. And we don’t want that!

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About BonVie

At the heart of BonVie is dedication and expertise in providing the best weight loss program for women and men in Portland and in Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills California. A great method, delicious foods and one-on-one coaching serve to educate and motivate you, while closely monitoring your progress and wellness.

Some exciting news…..the Ideal Protein method which we use at BonVie Weight Loss & Nutritional Wellness was voted the most popular diet in the United States for 2015! This is just further acknowledgement that we are offering the best solution with our approach for overweight and related disorders.

Client Testimonials

  • Katharine H.

    What I have learned is all the other positive effects my new regimen has had on my life: I’m delighted to sift through garment bags of old favorite clothes that I can now wear again.

  • Debbie M.

    This is the first diet that has given me a feeling of success. I love when I feel like I am on a good routine and can see my progress on a weekly basis.

  • Carolyn M.

    When Sharon asked me how much weight I wanted to lose, I thought, oh my gosh, if I could just lose 15 pounds. Nowhere in my imagination did I ever think I could lose the 50 pounds that has followed me around for 20 years.

  • Hector C.

    I'm 31 years old and I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I have tried so many diets, but the sustained weight loss that I've experienced with BonVie.

  • Cathy G.

    I have finally found a program that works in the real world! The Ideal Program fits with my busy lifestyle and is highly effective.

  • Shawn D.

    I am a busy person, and travel frequently, so knowing exactly what to eat each day to reach my goals made the program easy to stick with. I really enjoyed the ease and simplicity of the program, and the packaged food was good.

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